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Social Media Marketing in NY

More Than a Tweet

Social Media is more than a Facebook update and a Twitter post here or there. Social media marketing helps your customers when they need a location-based service. It also keeps them engaged and informed, and it builds trust between your business and the community. Hiring a social media marketing company in NY means finding one that knows how to promote your services locally while boosting SEO value. We maximize the potential of nearby customers, and start conversations to organically increase your audience.

Link Value

In addition, social media marketing curates your content around the Internet. The more shareable a page, the more traffic it generates. The more likely it is to spread around social media channels and become viral. A social media marketing company creates interesting content and posts it to all social media outlets. This includes (but is not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr It may seem that social media sites proliferate daily. A good SEO company has a team to manage many different social media accounts. Ultimately, links from these sites boost SEO rankings big time.

SEO through Social Media Marketing Strategy: Spanking Website Design

When you come to a website design company, you may think you know what you want. But unless you’ve done a lot of research on website design, you may want to leave it to us. Web design has changed a lot since your last design update. Google knows that for most people our eyes move down a web page just like a newspaper page. And as technology has advanced, so have design tactics. The latest web designs emphasize pointing and scrolling over clicking, so carousels, tabs and Flash are out. Subtle interactive touches and continuous-scroll pages are in. And above all, your website has to be mobile accessible, for tablets and phones.

Better Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial to building Social Media Strategy. But not all backlinks are created equal. These days, quality backlinks are an SEO company’s bread and butter. They show a reliable source and can only be obtained through hard work. It’s time consuming to obtain quality backlinks. That’s why it can be expensive. For less than $500 a month, it’s impossible to find 1000 quality back-links—and if someone says the opposite, they’re trying to take you for a run with Black Hat SEO tactics: cheap link-farming that will get you penalized by Google.

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