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A lot of people think of SEO as a complicated science that’s constantly evolving and which only seasoned professionals can practice. SEO is hard work, but it’s really more grounded in the real world than that. A great SEO company isn’t a bunch of nerds sitting in an office lit by the glow of computer screens. It’s a bunch of cool people who have interests in technology, music, art, and theory.

We’re not saying that SEO is easy or that anyone can do it. But we are saying that the average SEO company should stop trying to make it sound so technical when a lot of strategy can be helped with teamwork, intuition and common sense.

Over the years, SEO has changed into benefitting longer, in-depth articles, because that’s what people seek when they search the internet. Sure, it helps if you use the right keyword phrase and you link to other authoritative articles, but at the end of the day, writing content that sticks is about being an authority on your topic and really delving into it, for the benefit of users and your company.

What kind of results do you think a person doing an internet search for “SEO Company” wants to find? Using the Keyword Planner to help you is a good starting point when settling on keywords, but the goal of content marketing is to tell stories people want to hear. It’s hard to do that if you’re constantly pushing your product. In Google’s move to Hummingbird, more conversational inquiries are starting to appear. That’s why titling your posts “How to” is a good idea.

Tradical 360's ONLY DOES custom marketing campaigns WHICH help your business succeed:

Greater visibility means that we bring more people to your site through great web design. The three kinds of people who will see your site are:

Everyone who comes to your website is different. They’re different ages, live different lifestyles, and have different reasons for being there. You need to appeal to all. Tradical 360 helps you:

So, I've got my website and I’m on Page 1. Now what? We generate high quality, informative content on your website and blog to maintain your authority. We’ll interact with your customer-base through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (along with other social media outlets), and use content to cement your place as the best option in your market.

High End Content

A high-end SEO company creates quality content rich with relevant keywords. We distribute this content through multiple social media channels that link back to your site, which we optimize for Google bots. Any SEO company will tell you that content marketing is crucial to an online advertising campaign. Content criteria we uphold for your website:- Original content that offers insight and well-informed opinions – 300 words minimum per page (even if most is below-the-fold) – A regularly updated, informative blog – Articles around the web that demonstrate expertise in your industry

White Hat SEO

Relevant content appeals to Google because it shows that your company is an industry leader. We get links that drive traffic to your site, instead of building links to nowhere. That’s Black Hat SEO and it can get you penalized, or even booted from search results entirely. White Hat SEO, on the other hand, advocates relevant and authoritative articles and blogs. A top-tier SEO company will do more than rewrite news articles and create spammy content farms. When it comes to SEO companies, you get what you pay for—outsourcing to foreign countries for content isn’t going to help you make the first page of Google. Users want to read more about the answers they seek. Once they find quality content, they share and spread it throughout the Internet. That leads us to our next section…

Lock and Load

First we define your short and long term strategy so that we’re all on the same page. Then we research. Next, our website design, SEO, and digital marketing agency teams take over:

  • Creative writers, SEO strategists, graphic designers, research and data analysts, UI/UX specialists, web developers, social media experts, and a project manager handle your account.
  • A/B tests register aspects of your website that attract clients, from hot spots on the page to different custom newsletters.
  • Different communities promote your product.
  • Hot content spreads around the internet.
  • We optimize your website.
  • Landing pages point site visitors in the right direction.
  • Search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising rank your company for industry-relevant keywords.
  • White hat marketing.
  • A stream of relevant content shows search engines that your company is an up-to-date industry leader.
  • Calls to action in the right places convert visitors into clients.
  • Social media marketing comes with all the trimmings: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and valuable link building bookmark sites.
  • E-commerce sites with online shopping carts, newsletters and e-mail blast campaigns dramatically enhance web sales.

Classy Content Marketing

Our secret recipe sprinkles the right amount of keywords into blogs and onsite content. We know what to say to make Google pay attention to your page. And when you read it, you will be surprised that this is even SEO writing because it sounds so natural. We bring visitors straight to relevant landing pages instead of starting search all over again from your home page. This NYC Digital Marketing Agency has lots of experience working with companies to get them onto the first page of Google.

We Farm Organic Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial to SEO. But not all backlinks are created equal. Other digital marketing agencies and SEO companies promise more and charge less because they use Black Hat SEO tactics: Cheap, industrially fertilized links that will get you penalized. We farm backlinks organically. Guest blog posts are a hundred times better than inorganic links.

Shareable Social Media

Once your keywords, content, and backlinks are in place, social media marketing is the icing on the cake. The right social media marketing company generates interesting content and posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to bring clicks back to your site. High traffic is a sign to Google that your content is interesting and relevant. The more clicks, retweets and pluses a page gets, the more traffic it sees. Our social media team builds organic followers and starts conversations so that once people share your content, they always come back for more.

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