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What’s Public Relations in the Digital Age?

What’s Public Relations in the Digital Age?

The idea remains the same in traditional and unconventional public relations: swaying public perception. These days if you don’t have a strong digital presence you don’t exist. As a public relations company in NYC, we understand the importance of community outreach to bridge digital and physical spheres.

This public relations company’s media strategy is just as much about interacting with newspapers, as it is about engaging with your Twitter audience. When your article is in print media, it’s hard to quantify impressions. But when you work with digital public relations, it’s easy to collect hard data.

We run the PR gamut, in planning corporate events to startup launches. We create viral content that spreads across the internet and leads back to your website. Our goal is to get the word out about your brand. We show your authority with on-site content as good as Wikipedia. That drives curious customers directly to your site. We ensure all of your resources and platforms offer what users are looking for—authoritative answers to their questions. Knowledge is king in the internet age, and quality content attracts users like bees to gardens.

Giving quality information away for free is a show of goodwill. Today, mindfulness and forward-driven content are the best ways to foster engagement and drive sales. Being in NYC as a digital marketing agency means we don’t discriminate, we work with companies of all sizes, irrespective of budget.

Branding Online With a Digital Marketing Agency

An digital branding agency in NYC offers a comprehensive campaign of content, social media marketing and keyword research. It takes four to six months to rank on the first page of Google but once you do SEO will drive traffic to your website for years.

Digital marketing monitors exactly how many people see your message, how long they spend viewing it, and your conversion rate of views to sales. That’s one of the benefits of “data analytics,” which is an advantage digital branding has over traditional advertising. Digital marketing works like credit. If you never have a credit card, you can’t buy a house. Similarly, if you never have a blog or social media campaign, you can’t get big web traffic.

In 2013 marketers spent about 20% of their budgets on digital advertising, a figure set to increase 2% each year for the next five years. Print channels and television channels are already moving online. Keep up with the times. Beginning a digital marketing campaign today will lead to good “online credit.” Even small brands can use a digital marketing agency in NYC to drive an online marketing strategy into sales.

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