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E-Commerce Website in NY

If you want to sell something from your site, you need an e-commerce site. These sites are intuitive and seamless, with multiple directories. Our goal is for a hundred percent engagement leading to conversion. Here’s how we do it:

This is our process for software development, mobile development and website design.

The Future of Web and Custom Software Development

In a few years, computers will think for themselves. The next era in the evolution of the internet is known as the Semantic Web, or personalization.

Software will soon blend seamlessly with our lives, so that we barely recognize when it takes over. Smarter technology is already making an impact with wearables, more accurate medicine, and mobile device-controlled home products. Our web development team believes that future technology will help us live our lives better, with faster, more relevant information and less uncertainty.

Once computers can tell other computers what to do, RDF, or Resource Description Framework, technology will be here to stay. RDF technology creates a language for computers to access and seek knowledge, instead of simply presenting it to curious humans. This means that software will anticipate our needs and personalize our daily routine.

In ten years menial jobs will be for new machines. People will have time to do what they love, contributing more to society. Right now, the youth is a generation of digital natives who expect technology to continue changing their lives. We want to help them realize their expectations and teach those who didn’t grow up with the internet the benefits and applications of new software.

Platforms Aplenty

We have years of expertise in developing eCommerce, branding sites and web development on the following platforms:

  • Drupal (Open Source)
  • Majento (Open Source)
  • Joomla (Open Source)
  • WordPress (Open Source)
  • Ruby on Rails (Open Source)
  • Java
  • Net Suite (Microsoft based)
  • IOS Development
  • Android based applications
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Could Computing
  • Database configurations and management systems
  • Reports data configurations and development
  • Programming languages like PHP
  • Or a customized software specializing in Finance, Marine Technology, eCommerce Space and CRM

Our expertise also extends in customizing third party software

  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM’s
  • Live Streaming
  • Financial Software
  • Cloud based applications
  • Shopping Carts
  • And or fusing and customizing 3 or more applications into one

Oh, and we don’t do video games. Our bad.

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